Global Payments Made Easy


Struggling with multiple payment solutions for international sales?
Simplify with our single integration! It saves you time and money by streamlining the process, boosting authorization rates globally, and offering Intelligent Payment Routing, 100+ currencies, and customizable features to fit your needs.

Boost your ROI with EPAYMENT’s
Global Payment Processing

  • reduce-cross-border-fees

    Reduce Cross Border Fees

    Optimize your payments with EPAYMENT’s technology, featuring local card acquiring and support for a wide range of currencies.

  • increase-authorization-rates

    Increase Authorization Rates

    Connect with EPAYMENT for global access to banks. With Intelligent Payment Routing, transactions are automatically routed to the nearest local bank, minimizing declines and maximizing revenue.

  • increase-revenue

    Increase Revenue

    Increase sales and reduce cart abandonment by offering your customers with 100+ currencies 100+ variety of payment types they need to complete purchases.

  • reduce-technical-debt

    Reduce Technical Debt

    Scale your sales to new markets — Gain real-time insights from unified reporting and make data-driven decisions for international success.


Here’s How We Do It

  • Initial Consultation

    Reach out to us for an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your business requirements and challenges.

  • Assessment

    Our team will conduct a detailed assessment of your current payment processing setup, considering the types of cards you accept, your processing methods, existing equipment, and average transaction sizes.

  • Customized Proposal

    Based on the information gathered during the assessment, we’ll create a customized proposal tailored to your business needs. This proposal will outline the specific solutions and benefits you can expect.

  • Feedback and Adjustments

    We value your input. We’ll work closely with you to refine the proposal, making any necessary adjustments to ensure it perfectly aligns with your business goals.

  • Implementation

    Once you’re satisfied with the proposed solution, we’ll seamlessly implement the merchant processing solution, providing any necessary training and support along the way.

Trusted Extension of Your Operations

  • healthcare-solutions-5

    Data security protects
    you and your customers

    Data security protects
    you and your customers

    EPAYMENT takes data-security very seriously. We offer customizable security management settings and leverage bank-level encryption—so you can operate in full confidence

  • healthcare-solutions-6

    We Manage Payment
    Disputes so You Don’t Have to

    We Manage Payment
    Disputes so You Don’t Have to

    We constantly monitor for suspicious activity and block fraudulent transactions. When payment disputes occur, our team deals with the banks for you, helping you avoid costly chargebacks

  • healthcare-solutions-7

    24/7 Live
    Customer Support

    24/7 Live
    Customer Support

    Get the help you need, when you need it. Our expert US-based representatives are available around the clock to assist you

  • healthcare-solutions-9

    Simple Reconciliation
    & Payout

    Simple Reconciliation
    & Payout

    Put your revenue to work right away. Consolidate multi-currency reconciliation for easier reporting. We can pay you out in the currency you choose.

Hear What Customers Have to Say About Us

  • testimonial-1

    I’m incredibly happy with my experience with EPAYMENT. Their personalized Customer Service, dedicated team, and commitment to transparency have been instrumental in helping Wyoming Test Fixtures operate smoothly. If you’re looking for a payment processing partner that goes the extra mile, I highly recommend EPAYMENT.

    Cate Adams
    Wyoming Test Fixtures
  • testimonial-2

    We love working with EPAYMENT and can’t think of working with anyone one else! Not only are they our payment processors, they are our partners in software and support, and it feels like they are apart of our operations. They also support us in disputes, large ticket orders, and we didn’t even have to think about it!! Their team is approachable, responsive, and invested in your success. Thanks EPAYMENT for all you do in supporting our team!

    Jefferson Tuke
    Utah Live Bands

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